In other news, The “Runaway Bride” everyone is talking about got sentenced to Probation today. She deserves a harsher sentence. She lied about getting abducted and had several states looking for her. Supposedly she has a troubled past and she has been arrested 3 times before. This is just another one of her run-ins with the law. I really think they need to take wacko’s off the street and put them in jail. They need to stop arresting innocent people just cause they look weird cause of a beard. They need to put people like the Runaway bride who really put a country on edge and in jeopardy in jail where they belong.


Speaking of Jail… I’m sure you have all heard about the Finger incident at Wendy’s. This lady claims that she found a finger in her bowl of Chili. She tried suing Wendy’s not to mention tarnish their name. The police finally do something right and think there is something weird about the story. They did an investigation on her and searched her home and it looks like she is a big Scam Artist. She has sued her pervious Employer Chrysler, trying to get a big pay day out of them. She sued other restaurants saying her daughter got sick from their food. The companies being sued said they never gave her a penny. This incident costed Wendy’s a lot of money in other places. They’re sales went down. They’ve cut hours of employees. They’ve fired some because they were losing money. All because some dumb broad was trying to get a quick buck. Can you imagine the families of people who work for Wendy’s. They’re going through problems now. Less work hours less money, I mean this lady messed up a lot of lives in her dumb accusation. The mystery is still where the finger came from. Her husband got arrested last week because they said he “purchased” the finger for her. Who’s finger? Nobody knows. And where does one purchase lost limbs from? Can you imagine the hustler.. “I got everything you need, watches, dvd players, real fingers!” I don’t know about you.. but I don’t think I’ll ever eat Wendy’s Chili!

Star Wars is big news right now. Revenge of the Sith. In 2 weeks, it sold $278 Million dollars in ticket sales. Everyone is wondering if it will beat out the #1 movie of all time. Titanic ($600 Million) to be the number one movie. That is a ridiculous amount of money. That is so crazy how the movie industry can make that much money on a movie just in ticket sales. They also make money from commercial endorsements, action figures, lunch boxes, apparel, dvd video, etc. That is crazy how a movie can raise $200 Million dollars, but when we have a fundraising dinner to build a masjid, we can’t even get $100,000 dollars. That’s just absurd. Back to Star Wars. Is it just me or does the Jedi Knights remind you of Muslims. They are the peace keepers and they are selfless. They risk their lives to help others. They believe there is a force that is all around them (like what Muslims believe about Allah.. he is everywhere and we feel what he wants us to do). They have beards and long cloaks like a Thoab. They know how to control their emotions and stay away from evil. I don’t know.. just an observation.

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Assalamu ‘Alaikum


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